AV Design and Consulting

We provide expert advice and consulting services to owners, architects, exhibit designers and general contractors on commercial audio-visual and control systems. Whether you are evaluating your next project, exploring technology applications, or developing functional designs for sophisticated systems, our multi-disciplinary group can help you discover innovative technical solutions. With years of experience, Acoustic Arts has a proven track record projects of all sizes.


Project Management and Installation Services

We have experienced certified Project Managers, Programmers and technicians working together to implement complex projects and to meet assigned deadlines. Audio Programming Services: We provide assistance in audio DSP programming and to calibrate and appropriately equalize area as per room acoustics.

ease tannoy

EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) Simulation and Modeling of Space

EASE is the industry standard for 3D electro-acoustic and room-acoustic modeling. We can provide you EASE Simulation of any space and provide you detailed analysis of sound coverage, SPL (Sound Pressure levels), STI (Speech Intelligibility index) and tonal balance in the area in reference to space acoustics. This information can be very helpful to decide which Electronic Reinforcement system (loudspeakers) are the most appropriate to fulfill your requirements and best match the acoustics of the space.