Tesira Oreno

Oreno is Biamp’s mobile control software for Tesira®-equipped conference rooms. Easy to use and simple to deploy, Oreno can run on nearly any mobile device, and requires minimal UI design work and no client software to be installed. Oreno has three core components: Oreno Creator, Oreno Manager, and the Oreno User Interface.

Oreno Creator is a core productivity tool for AV integrators. The Oreno Creator allows you to create and commission Tesira control interfaces with ease, with minimal programming required. With Oreno Creator, you can reduce time spent on programming, work faster using pre-built templates, and deploy quickly and easily.

Oreno Manager puts your customers in control. After installing Oreno Manager on a PC at the customer site, you can pass control to the end user. Oreno Manager contains two components — an application that communicates with the Tesira System and delivers the user interface, and the Oreno Management Console that is accessed via a web browser. Using the Oreno Management Console, you can:

Connect to available Tesira Systems
Create administrator and user accounts
Assign user access/rights to conference rooms
Manage system users and log them out of a room if necessary
Access administrative tools, including event logging, control system on/off, and room management and room usage data
The Oreno User Interface was designed to create a delightful, intuitive user experience. Biamp collaborated with a world class UX consulting firm to develop Oreno, resulting in a User Interface that is operated from a simple URL that can be entered into a browser on nearly any mobile device. Oreno User Interface features include control settings, convenient login, default settings, and interruption protection, all in a web-based format.

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