The M8 is an uncompromising multifunctional speaker for small venues. When combined with B15 subwoofer or even with B30 it is flexible enough to be used for larger venues.  The passive combination of M8 and B15p with a suitable amplifier is compact solution that plays like a high-end HiFi combination, just a bit louder of course…. It is therefore recommended for a whole range of uses: from small, unobtrusive speech reinforcement to use as a stage monitor to a live and party box.

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Additional Information


10 kg


440 × 240 × 240 mm

Frequency Response

70 – 20000 Hz

Driver Complement

1 × 1″ HF, 1 × 8″ LF

Rated Max Spl

124 dB

Power Handling

400 / 800 W