The M15 is a real all-rounder.
Standalone in full range operation for parties or as delay line or for speech reinforcement or as a monitor on the stage or as a pure bass monitor or in combination with basses B15 and B30, or, or, or – nothing beats this box.

In standalone mode you do not need a controller or active equalization. Just connect, play and be inspired. Its clean reproduction and audio transparency as well as high feedback reliability are factors which make it great fun.

The asymmetrical speakers available with left and right enclosures make their use as a monitor professional. You really should listen to the combination with a passively crossed over B15, as a drum fill or small club PA.

Like all the M series speakers the M15 also has a crossover network with adjusted group delay and frequencies for optimum speech intelligibility and neutral music reproduction with extreme dynamic range. Even at high sound pressures.

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Additional Information


24.4 kg


706 × 440 × 374 mm

Frequency Response

50 – 19000 Hz

Driver Complement

1 × 1.4″ HF, 1 × 15″ LF

Rated Max Spl

131 dB

Power Handling

800 / 1600 W