The M12 is our all-purpose sound equipment!
Not only does it look good on a tripod but it is also recommended for its high efficiency in the midrange as well as for its superb, high-performance vocal monitor. The asymmetrical designs, with left and right enclosures, make it even more professional: two pieces arranged at a 45° V angle put the vocals right “in your face”!
Combined with B30, as PA-SYS-TWO, it makes the M12 extremely attractive for small and average-sized venues, despite discreet space requirement an amazing performance.

Like all the M series speakers the M12 also has a crossover network with adjusted group delay and frequencies for optimum speech intelligibility and neutral music reproduction with extreme dynamic range. Even at high sound pressures.

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Additional Information


20.2 kg


604 × 360 × 314 mm

Frequency Response

60 – 19000 Hz

Dispersion Angle
Driver Complement

1 × 1.4″ HF, 1 × 12″ LF

Rated Max Spl

132 dB

Power Handling

700 / 1400 W

Nominal Impedence

8 ?

Finish Options

Warnex structure paint