TW AUDiO spent considerable time developing, testing and optimizing a product that combines the advantages of M8 with the power of M12. The result is the M10 a unique product that is  powerful, compact and extremely versatile. The M10 shares family strong points such as an M12-derived trapezoidal, asymmetrical cabinet design equipped with TW Audio’s usual grab handles and air-cargo tracks.

Left and right cabinet versions mean paired couples of M10 can be used for high-quality monitoring applications, e.g. as floor monitors laid out in opposing symmetry with HF horns at both ends.

The M10’s 75 x 50 degree mid-high horn, which provides precise and tightly controlled radiation, also finds its blueprint in M12’s BEM-optimized model. The horn is rotatable by 90 degrees, should the need arise.

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Additional Information


15.2 kg


505 × 300 × 280 mm

Frequency Response

68 – 19000 Hz

Driver Complement

1 × 1.4″ HF, 1 × 10″ LF

Rated Max Spl

127 dB

Power Handling

600 / 1200 W