The CS8 incorporates the same 8-inch full-range loudspeaker (as the C8) in a black or white paintable ABS surface mount enclosure. The CS8 features a genuine coaxial design using separate magnets for the LF and HF drivers for reduced distortion and high sensitivity, thereby permitting up to 3 dB greater output level while requiring up to half the amplification power of competing products.

Easily outperforming loudspeakers of a larger size format, the CS8 provides high power handling, high sensitivity and realistic sound reproduction. This loudspeaker is equipped with a built-in autoformer, allowing large numbers of distributed loudspeakers to be powered from a 70V or 100V amplifier output.

Thanks to the internally reinforced, black or white paintable ABS enclosures, zinc-rich epoxy dual-layer powder-coated grilles and brackets, weather-treated drivers, and the included IP56 sealed wiring cover, all standard surface mount models are equally suited for indoor or outdoor direct exposure applications.

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Additional Information


9.7″ x 13.8″ x 12.4″ (247 x 351 x 315 mm)

Frequency Response

45 Hz – 13.5 kHz

System Sensitivity

89 dB

Dispersion Angle

110 degrees conical

Driver Complement

1 × 8″ LF, 1 X .75 HF

Power Handling

60W continuous @ 8 ohms

Rated Max Spl

107 dB (113 dB Peak)

Nominal impedance

8 ohms

Autoformer LMT tap settings

30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W (@70V only)

Finish Options

Black or White ABS matte plastic, paintable with dual-layer powder-coated steel grille