XPA Generation 3

True audiophile-quality sound – as with all of our amplifiers, the XPA Gen3 modular power amplifier was designed first and foremost to sound superb in all types of audio systems.
Amazing sounding wideband, low distortion amplifier design – ensures smooth, detailed sound and incredibly natural imaging – without a trace of harshness or strain.
Optimized Soft-Switch Class H™ power supply topology – delivers improved efficiency without compromising audio performance.
Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) – offers all of the performance of a traditional linear power supply, while improving efficiency and reliability, and reducing overall weight.
Fully modular construction – allows you to purchase as many channels as you need today, and then add more channels later when and if you need them.
Top quality parts and construction throughout – promise years of reliable service.
Totally stable – designed for use in the real world, with real speakers.
Heavy steel 4RU chassis with milled aluminum faceplate – provide strength and rugged good looks.
Gold plated five-way speaker binding posts with clear shields – allow you to use a wide range of speaker cables with bare wires, lugs, or banana plugs.
Solid machined gold-plated RCA input connectors – provide a reliable connection with a wide variety of audio interconnects.
Choice of balanced or unbalanced inputs – independently controlled by high-reliability metal toggle switches to ensure long service life.
Remote trigger input and output – allows the XPA Gen3 to be turned on by trigger-enabled equipment, and to activate other trigger-enabled equipment.
Audiophile-grade fault protection – entirely transparent under normal conditions, yet protects the amp and your other equipment from all common fault conditions.
World compliant AC line voltage operation – the XPA Gen3 operates on any line voltage between 100 VAC and 250 VAC 50/60Hz and is protected from faults by a rugged resettable circuit breaker.
Standard IEC power inlet – fits all standard and audiophile IEC power cables.
Full five-year warranty – ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your XPA Gen3 amplifier for years to come.

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