The T20 is a consequential transformation of our users requirements. A compact, 30 cm slim 2 × 10"/1,4" horn top in an entirely symmetric construction, perfectly suitable for use in upright and in particular, crosswise applications. Thanks to the sophisticated driver array and passive crossover the T20 reaches a constant......

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The  T24 was TW Audio's first product and it embodies everything that defines TW AUDiO today. There is a fundamental difference between just bringing a hornloaded high­ power top to the market and having the ambition to build the lightest, smallest and most powerful 2x 12“/ 1.4“ horntop worldwide. With a complex horn......

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  For countless users in the live and installation sector, it was its predecessor who set the standards. And now? The good gets better: The T24N is the logical development of TW AUDiO’s 10 year old classic T24. But most of the innovations only become apparent at second glance: Specially designed 12"......

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