The M6 is the smallest model in the M series. It features a 6.5" mid/bass driver and  a horn loaded tweeter optimised using the boundary elements method. The M6  is capable of a full, lush and powerful presentation. It can be combined with the larger models from the M series without a problem.  As with the......

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The M8 is an uncompromising multifunctional speaker for small venues. When combined with B15 subwoofer or even with B30 it is flexible enough to be used for larger venues.  The passive combination of M8 and B15p with a suitable amplifier is compact solution that plays like a high-end HiFi combination, just a bit......

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TW AUDiO spent considerable time developing, testing and optimizing a product that combines the advantages of M8 with the power of M12. The result is the M10 a unique product that is  powerful, compact and extremely versatile. The M10 shares family strong points such as an M12-derived trapezoidal, asymmetrical cabinet design......

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The M12 is our all-purpose sound equipment! Not only does it look good on a tripod but it is also recommended for its high efficiency in the midrange as well as for its superb, high-performance vocal monitor. The asymmetrical designs, with left and right enclosures, make it even more professional:......

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The M15 is a real all-rounder. Standalone in full range operation for parties or as delay line or for speech reinforcement or as a monitor on the stage or as a pure bass monitor or in combination with basses B15 and B30, or, or, or – nothing beats this box. In......

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