The C5 is a high performance  utterly compact, universally applicable passive loudspeaker. Its 110 degree conical radiating 5 inch coax driver makes it especially suitable  for near field applications, such as a front fill or as an inconspicuous monitor in a TV studio next to the couch. At the same time this „little......

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Arguably one of the best monitor speakers on the market today ! With a  vivid and direct sound the C15 makes itself heard on stage without getting in the way; it has reserves of headroom available for any style of music; it is able to make itself heard at any time in any environment......

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Like the C15, the C12 is a coaxial two-way system that can be used with any standard amplifier without needing any additional corrections or expensive controllers. The “small” C12 uses the same 1.4” mid-high unit as the bigger C15, also sharing with its big brother all its other features......

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